Comprehensive & Compassionate

Parenting is difficult and meaningful work.

This course is designed to support you and all the caregivers your child interacts with.

While this course contains information that can be useful for all caregivers, several approaches included here are especially recommended for caregivers of children ages 1 to 10.

What you'll get from this training:

  • Identify values to establish connection and cohesion across all caregivers and children
  • Clarify roles and implement effective family boundaries
  • Encourage confidence and autonomy for your child
  • Implement non-violent evidence-based parenting interventions with flexibility
  • Work with and prevent power struggles within the home
  • Foster emotional regulation and effective problem-solving

Purchase of course also includes access to 12 FREE downloadable handouts and a 40-page workbook. Closed captioning available.


Learn how to clarify your own values and determine what you want out of your parenting experiences. Strong values can guide even the most difficult of parenting moments. In addition, receive access to a FREE workbook to deepen integration of important concepts.

Family System & Cohesion

Learn about what constitutes a healthy family system and how to foster cohesion, collaboration, and communication across all caregivers.

Skills & Resources

Learn evidence-based skills to regulate, set boundaries, engage with difficult emotions, and support your child's developmental needs. In addition, receive access to 12 FREE handouts to support implementation.

Pricing Information

Parenting with Confidence

It is our hope that this course will support you in building confidence with how to navigate parenting highs and lows and how to advocate for your child's growing needs and the needs of your family system.